What hope is there for the future?

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Our final show at …blip



…blip – a space for art shutters are now down forever.

Ellie and Marc would like to thank everyone for the support over what has been a 20 month …blip.

Meanwhile, the signing out installation …blip…blip…bleeeeep shall remain until the new tenants arrive…

Ache: 27.03.19 – 20.04.19

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Former ladies outfitter, Rachel was dissolved in August 2015 after 32 years trading. In its wake a fashion model poster in the stairwell of the shop fades through the passing seasons. Over time, permeated by dankness and desaturated by UV, an image once intended to sell an aspirational lifestyle invites melancholic narratives. The façade of advertising is shown to be flimsy and ephemeral. Similarly, the veneer cracks on the material face of the high street to reveal a slow death.

…blip was conceived as a temporary diversion on a shopping street in crisis. In its concluding show we ponder whether the town centre’s maladies can be healed. 8 Victoria Street’s interior reveals much about its past. What hope is there for it‘s future?

Week 1: Thurs 28 Fri 29 March

Week 2: Thurs 11 Fri 12 Sat 13 April

Week 3: Thurs 18 Fri 19 Sat 20 April

Shutters up: 8am

Shutters down: 4.15pm

Save Lincolnshire’s Usher Gallery: 14 March – 22 March



The Usher Gallery in Lincoln is at risk of closure as a space for art.

…blip is supporting The Usher – are you?

Find out more at www.slugcampaign.co.uk

e: campaign@slugcampaign.co.uk

Twitter: @SLUGcampaign

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Lincolnshire County Council want to move the art out of the Usher Art Gallery and use it as a wedding venue and coroner’s court

Help us to save the Usher Gallery

  1. Sign the petition at www.slugcampaign.co.uk
  2. Take part in the Lincolnshire County Council consultation process at http://www.slugcampaign.co.uk or by phoning 01522 782040 and requesting a paper version to be sent to you.
  3. Email your opposition to Councillor Martin Hill, Leader of Lincolnshire County Council at cllrm.hill@lincolnshire.gov.uk or by write by post to Councillor Martin Hill, Lincolnshire County Council, County Offices, Newland, Lincoln, LN1 1YL.
  4. Write to your local county councillor and MP telling them you oppose this plan – is at www.writetothem.com

James Usher was a Jeweller and shrewd businessman who over a period of around thirty years, had built up a fantastic collection of art and decorative objects. Before his death in 1921, James Usher bequeathed his art collection along with almost £60,000 to the City of Lincoln on the understanding that a museum and art gallery would be built for the citizens of Lincoln.

Our beautiful city, needs to have a dedicated art gallery to show off its treasures. Many artists and people employed rst steps in a creative career.

within the creative industries financial contribution is currently growing at twice the rate of the economy. The arts are proven to be well worth investing in for economic and cultural gains. Engagement in art has proven physical and mental health benefits alongside the creativity it inspires.

For almost 100 years the Usher has done this and continues to do so.

The proposal put forward by Lincolnshire County Council is to fragment and move the Usher Art Collection into ‘The Collection Museum’ and to use the Usher Art Gallery for Registrar‘s Services, the Coroner’s Court and a wedding venue. For the Usher Art Collection to be displayed in what is now the storage area in the basement of ‘The Collection Museum’ is not fitting of such artwork.

Week One: 14 March 15 March 16 March

Week Two: 20 March 21 March 22 March

Shutters up: 9am

Shutters down: 4pm