Ridgewell & Ducklop Property Services

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Ridgewell and Ducklop Property Services

…blip is a collaboration between North East Lincolnshire artists Ellie Collins and Marc Renshaw

A report in the local media in April 2018 revealed that sixteen major stores closed in Grimsby in 2017 with just six opening. So what is next for Grimsby’s high street?

As the economic downturn continues to decimate our town, the future is precarious for remaining businesses in a world that is increasingly turning to online shopping. Such uncertainty raises many questions, so how do we address the following?

Can we repurpose empty spaces to breathe new life into the town centre?

Are budget stores and coffee shops going to bring salvation to our economy?

Would an immediate reduction in rents and rates offer a reprieve?

Are you happy with your town? How can we make Grimsby a good place to live?

In an age of Netflix, is the development of a cinema multiplex a twentieth century answer to a twenty first century problem?

How do we build on the histories of our empty properties?

Should empty shops be converted to housing or used by social enterprises?

The current project at …blip – a space for art takes the form of an estate agent’s window (another industry under threat from online alternatives) to spotlight a handful of the town’s empty spaces.

Ridgewell and Ducklop Property Services comments on the limitations of conventional marketing to promote the merits of our town centre, address its manifold issues and attract investment.

We consider whether, in light of increasing levels of deprivation in Grimsby, our town centre is able to meet the real needs of our community or raise aspirations for local people?

In early July 2018, The Greater Grimsby Deal was formally signed to the tune of £60m. Will this really seal a brighter future for North East Lincolnshire?


…blip – a space for art is a series of changing installations viewable from the street, made possible by Vacant Space; a programme by Axisweb enabling artists, creatives and projects to access empty commercial properties across the UK


…blip – a space for art
8 Victoria Street
North East Lincolnshire
DN31 1DP



Telephone: 0788971097

Dates: 30.09.18 – ongoing

Days: Thursday – Saturday

Time: 9am – 4pm




Author: Marc Renshaw


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