…blip at X-Church 24 Hr Festival. July 14 – July 15

xbrek 1a

Title: …blip presents Breakfast
…blip – a space for art are exhibiting Breakfast, the film of the performance which took place earlier this year in Victoria Street Grimsby.
For X-24, …blip are taking their Regenerei8ht theme to X-Church, Gainsborough
Breakfast documents a collaborative performance that took place on 3rd February 2018 at …blip – a space for art, an Axisweb Vacant Space run by Ellie Collins and Marc Renshaw in Grimsby.
Breakfast was part of a continuing series of works under the title Regenerei8ht, a rolling programme of impromptu events and installations that continue on selected dates throughout the year at …blip – a space for art, 8 Victoria Street South, Grimsby.
Regenerei8ht takes inspiration from the Greater Grimsby Town Deal, an industrial strategy backed by council and business leaders that proposes a programme of investment and regeneration for the area.
Regenerei8ht proposes potential uses for the many empty spaces in and around Grimsby town centre and through an open brief asks an audience largely unused to encountering contemporary art ‘What is regeneration? What role can art play?’
Also at X-24…
Art, music, fun, food, noise, quiet – 24 hours of festivalling in the weird and wonderful world of x-church
Alexa Kruger
Angry Gang
Bad Machines
Endanger The Panda
Experimental Sonic Machines
Grey Frequency
Jay Ambler
Keith Stares
Modulator ESP
Supine Yugen
The Gruinard Ensemble
The Rambling Yellowbellies
The Ten Foot
Tom Robey
Tekkan and Cards Against Humanity tournaments
Slumgothic Resident Artist Claudia Pilsl’s new film ‘Resident’ made in Gainsborough will be screened. Judith Stewart presents in Chateau Marcus. Michael Bowdidge will make 24 sculptures/live collages. Fenia Kotsoupoulou and Daz Disley present their anthotype project. Nick Simpson is pasting up new prints. Sisyphus Fingers will be typing another new 24hr novel (illustrated by Rupert Ibbotson). Poet Alan Bellamy is with us again. Sinead Fallen will re-invent the haka. Collage Theatre have been working with Slumgothic Children’s Project to raise funds for India’s Dalit community. DC Elite Dance will be dancing. Salon Slum is going to happen three times. The food will be wonderful and somewhere along the way we’ll catch some sleep, probably during Air Hour…
x-church, Ashcroft Road, Gainsborough, Lincolnshire, UK, DN21 1BY

Author: Marc Renshaw


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