Regenerei8ht – Grimsby Town Deal

regenerei8ht 6a

Shutters up: 9am

Shutters down: 4pm

Week 1: Thursday 15th, Friday 16, Saturday 17th Feb.

Week 2: Thursday 22nd, Friday 23rd, Saturday 24th Feb.

Week 3: Thursday 1st, Friday 2nd and Sat 3rd March.

An evolving window-based installation beginning with a selection of digitally drawn /projected updates from The Grimsby Town Deal.

Regenerei8ht is a rolling programme of impromptu events and installations which run on selected dates throughout the year at …blip – a space for art, 8 Victoria Street South, Grimsby.

Over the next few years, Grimsby will be undergoing a process of regeneration.

There are many empty and derelict buildings in and around Grimsby. Having access to 8 Victoria Street (formerly a women’s clothes shop) over recent months has made us consider the importance of using vacant space and how it may improve upon an area of neglect and disuse.

Further down the high street there is another empty shop with the words ‘no hope’ sprayed over the whitewashed frontage. Which is preferable?

For ‘Regenerei8ht,’ we have an open brief. What is regeneration? What role can art play?



Author: Marc Renshaw


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