europarc project – Marc Renshaw begins 21.12.17

The next show at …blip – a space for art will be europarc project (a life spent trying to find something) by Marc Renshaw

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Week 1: Dec…21, 22, 23

Week 2: Dec…28, 29, 30

Week 3: Jan…4, 5, 6

Week 4: Jan…11, 12, 13

Window Space Opening Hours:

9am – 4pm


The next exhibition at …blip – a space for art, 8 Victoria Street, Grimsby is europarc project – an installation by Marc Renshaw which takes its inspiration from North East Lincolnshire’s flagship business park europarc, it’s surrounding environs as well as places further afield.

 The installation, includes a selection of photographs – both original and digitally altered, drawing, text and a film from 2014 of a drive made by the artist around europarc.


Marc: ‘I’ve a long-established interest in non–places and transitional zones which include motorway services, airports and business parks. My local research point is europarc.

‘It’s interesting to me how many local people haven’t actually visited the europarc site. What is the purpose for going anyway if you don’t work there? It’s interesting that the Beechwood Farm pub has altered this since it opened in 2014 – it has changed the culture, people from town and further afield now make the journey on a regular basis.’

He continues:

‘Regeneration is close to my heart, I am interested in notions of potential and hope. I look to the larger cities and wonder ‘what if?’

‘I know contemporary art isn’t going to be everyone’s bag around here – fair enough, but there is the broader issue of what kind of inward investment do we need to make a difference to people’s lives? Contemporary art in town is often a symptom of a place on the up. Again, places like London, Birmingham, Glasgow and why not Grimsby?’

‘It is tough for people; there has been a crippling effect on local services and infrastructure long before the years of austerity. So I look to the business park and wonder what could be different? How can things improve for people? There is always the underlying feeling of a false sense of optimism but I still wonder if only we could bring some of the energy that I’ve witnessed across the river in Hull for the City of Culture.’

‘I was thinking about the idea of accessibility, trying to find ways into places in the hope that I can find the answer to something that I know in reality doesn’t exist. I guess I’m looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.’

‘I have hope for the local area, can utopia exist on the doorstep or will it always remain further afield? For me, culture seems to happen elsewhere – rarely in Grimsby.’



Author: Marc Renshaw


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